The Norris Debate

My (biased) opinion about who the Norris winner should be this season.

Opponent Profile: Shane Doan

So you find yourself stranded on a desert island. This isn’t the start of a joke. This is the story of  Shane Doan’s career.

The Senators’ Playoff Picture

With only 18 games left in the regular season, the focus for many NHL fans turns to fantasizing potential playoff scenarios. Eddie Benhin indulges us with his take on potential postseason match-ups.

10 Questions With Emily Rose

In our second instalment of 10 Questions, we chatted with avid hockey fan and Binghamton Senators expert, Emily Rose, to get her thoughts on the shortcomings and successes of the Baby Sens’ season.

Craig Anderson is Mr. Consistent

Craig Anderson is perennially among the NHL’s most consistent goaltenders, if not all players. His numbers thus far this season show that nothing has changed in that regard, and yet, for Craig and his family, it’s far from business as usual.