10 Questions With Rocket57

We chatted with Marc to get his opinion on the Sens’ branding, as well as his take on the Senators organization as a whole.

Marc Audet (@Rocket57) is a local illustrator, animator, and graphic designer. Marc created the infamous Hamburglar logo during Hammond’s miracle run, and has collaborated with Jacob Barrette (@Le_Collectif) on many Ottawa Senators themed designs in the past.

1. How long have you been an Ottawa Senators fan? What made you start following the team? 

I’ve been a Sens fan since I moved here from Kingston in ’96 but I already had a soft spot for the Sens even before then. I have fond memories of tuning in for the very first game against the Habs, back in ’92. A little later, once I moved here, I was brought on board by a local ad agency to do a couple of illustrations for campaign for the Senators. Some readers may remember them. Needless to say, all the folks at the agency became pretty die-hard fans and it was easy to get swept up.

2. You came up with the Hamburglar centurion design during the team’s miracle run. Did you think it would receive so much attention at the time?

No way. As it is, despite working as an illustrator in this town for 16 years, the Hamburglar logo stands as my legacy, for better or worse…Haha.
It was such a fun ride though- It going viral, tweets from NBC, TSN using the logo in their telecast, people making bootleg t-shirts. One fan reached out to me after someone bought her a t-shirt with the logo, and she was furious (on my behalf) to learn that it was a bootleg. So she kept it in her closet unworn. A year later, when I finally met her face to face at a Sens game, she gave me the shirt as a memento. It’s pretty much the only tangible thing I walked away from the experience with, but the gesture really meant a lot. At any rate, It’s sad to see Hammond’s career work out the way it has. I wish him the best.

3. You’ve collaborated a lot with Le Collectif on Senators branding ideas. How did that collaboration come about? 

Le Collectif and I go back quite a few years. We’ve worked together on several projects before collaborating on anything hockey related. When the Heritage jersey was gathering steam, I reached out and said, hey, if you need some illustration, let me know. So I dabbled with things behind the scenes on the Heritage jersey, and we’ve played around with quite a few different Sens related projects, although nothing has officially been approved or greenlit by the Senators. We’re both just fans and have fun making what we think is cool looking stuff. He’s such a talented designer, and I think our skill sets compliment each other.

4. Do you prefer the Heritage O or the 2D centurion as the primary logo for the team moving forward?

I’m gonna go with the O. I wouldn’t mind a variation of the 2D logo if they decided to go that route, but I feel it’s hard to look at that logo objectively. I think we’re all pretty sentimental about it. It’s definitely better than the current logo, but could use a little strengthening, in my humble opinion.

5. What’s your favourite element of the current Senators brand as a whole (excluding the heritage element)? What’s your least favourite?

I don’t know if this counts, but the Sens social media guy (shoutout to Craig) absolutely kills it. Least favourite element? The current 25th anniversary logo doesn’t really do it for me. Le Collectif and I jammed on a logo for it, but sadly, it seems to have been ignored. It got great feedback from Sens fans on social media though.

6. Realistically, what do you see as the Senators ceiling over the next 5 years?

I’m no expert, but I’m pretty excited about some of the prospects coming down the pipe, so I’m hopeful. Erik Karlsson, of course, is key to everything.

7. What are some aspects you would like to see integrated into the new downtown arena that the CTC is currently lacking?

Honestly, I’m just happy it’ll be closer. Living out in Aylmer makes it even more of a trek out to the CTC.

8. Who’s your favourite current player on the team? Why? 

It’s really hard not to go with Karlsson, but I’m gonna say Mark Stone. His hockey sense is off the charts. Plus, he has the best goal celebrations.

9. Who’s your all-time favourite player that’s played for the Sens?

Pretty hard not to go with Alfie.

10. It’s game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. The Sens are down by a goal. Which all-time Sens players do you put on the ice?

For game 7, let’s go with Spezza, Alfie, Hossa, (even if those names bring up memories of failed playoffs past) Chara and Karlsson. I’m going with Hasek between the pipes (sorry, Andy).

As always, a big thank you to Marc for chatting with us. You can follow Marc on Twitter @Rocket57, and be sure to check out his other designs and projects here and here. I’ve included some of Marc’s more iconic Senators related designs below (Heritage and Anniversary sets were co-produced with Le Collectif).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have an idea for a future 10 Questions segment? Send us an e-mail at thesystemottawa@gmail.com. You can find our previous segments here.



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