Opponent Profile: Shane Doan

So you find yourself stranded on a desert island. This isn’t the start of a joke. This is the story of  Shane Doan’s career.

Shane Doan began his illustrious hockey career with the Kamloops Blazers back in 1992, winning the Memorial Cup twice in his three seasons with the team. In 1995, he was drafted seventh overall by the (original) Winnipeg Jets organization. He spent his first season with the team in the 1995-96 campaign, tallying 17 points in 74 games. His first season in Winnipeg would ultimately be his last, as Winnipeg relocated to Phoenix, Arizona the following year.

It wasn’t until the 1999-2000 season that Doan found his scoring touch, and in a big way. Coming off a meagre 22 point performance the previous year, Doan more than doubled that point total, registering 51 points and 26 goals in 81 games, and he never looked back. He was named captain of the Coyotes in 2003, replacing departed Teppo Numminen, whom to this day he considers one of his hockey heroes. He would continue to find success at the NHL level, scoring a career-high 78 points in 2007-08, and a career-high 31 goals the following season.

FUN FACT: Shane Doan is second cousins with…Carey Price.

21 seasons later, Doan, the last member of the original Jets team left in the league, is currently 92nd overall in all-time NHL scoring. He also currently holds a plethora of Coyotes franchise records, including:

  • Games played (1531)
  • Goals (402)
  • Assists (566)
  • Points (968)
  • PP goals (128)
  • Even strength goals (268)
  • Game winning goals (69)
  • Shots (3928)

Shane Doan is currently the NHL’s longest-serving active captain, replacing a familiar name, Daniel Alfredsson, on that list in 2013. Throughout Doan’s 21 seasons (and counting) in the NHL, he has only made 55 career postseason appearances, most recently in 2011-12, playing 16 games. While his teams regularly made the playoffs early on in his career, he never played in more than 7 games during a postseason campaign, until 2011-12. Despite never winning the Stanley Cup in his career, Doan has a few prestigious honours under his belt, most notably:

  • King Clancy Memorial Trophy (2010)
  • Mark Messier Leadership Award (2012)
  • NHL All-Star Team (2004, 2009)

No disrespect meant to Arizona fans, but it’s a shame that Doan doesn’t play on a more high-profile team where his skill and personality can be on display on a nightly basis for the league. While he has no doubt been an incredible mentor to Coyotes’ players, like Max Domi, Jackob Chychrun, and Oliver Ekman-Larsson, it’s a shame that he has yet to play in a Stanley Cup Final, or come close to winning one. At 40 years old and his career winding down, there’s been significant talk recently about Doan wanting to go to a contender to chase a Cup. He wasn’t dealt at this year’s deadline, but a move may be coming this offseason, with Doan set to become a UFA in 2017-18. His current cap hit of just under 4 million dollars, may dissuade some teams from pursuing him, should he hit the market, especially given his decline in production this season. He would nonetheless be a perfect fit with a Cup contender that has room for him on their roster, perhaps at a substantial pay cut.

FUN FACT: Doan writes the same Bible verse on all of his game sticks.

Doan is also looking to enter the 1000 points club, currently 32 points away. That milestone is likely within reach, should play another year and remain healthy. With Arizona currently as far away from contending for a playoff spot as possible (unless you count Colorado, a team in utter disarray at the moment), it’s not likely he re-signs with the team, unless he takes a significant home-town discount to play out his final year(s) in the desert. I personally would love to see him sign with the new Winnipeg Jets this offseason. He would slot in perfectly on the third line, after Wheeler and Laine, and would hopefully get to play in at least one round of the playoffs, assuming the Jets can bolster their roster this offseason. I think it would be a really neat way to finish his career and hit the 1000 point plateau with the team that (kind of) drafted him.

Going into tonight’s game, Doan has 6 goals and 17 assists in 65 games so far this season. While this is a steep drop off from his 28 goal season last year, he can still provide some valuable offence at times to the struggling Arizona team. Ottawa has to be careful not to get complacent this late in the season, especially against teams like Arizona, who look to play the role of ‘spoiler’ for playoff bound teams, like the Senators.


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