Where Does Burrows Fit On The Senators?

Forget the anger, the rage, and the shock of the trade. Alex Burrows, the former Canucks agitator, is now an Ottawa Senator. Where does he fit into the lineup?

How Good is Guy Boucher?

With the Senators at the 60 game mark, we take a look at how Guy Boucher’s team stacks up against their counterparts of previous years.

Sens Heritage Edit #2

Back by popular demand, I present Sens Heritage Edit #2 (available for download below). This is one I’ve been holding onto for a while now. It works nicely as a desktop wallpaper or social media header. Stay tuned for future edits! Want to request an edit? Let us know in the comments below.

Sens Heritage Edit #1

The heritage edit seemed to be popular, so I’m making it available for download to whomever would like it. Stay tuned for future edits!